The Buffy Musical Gets Re Visit

Are you a Buffy fan?
Do you live in the London area?
Would you like or love to get involved?
Well then we would love to hear from you.
Dee Dee M Productions
are now in pre production for their stage adaptation of the Buffy musical
Once More With Feeling.

We will be casting shortly & are also looking for voluntary front of house staff to usher our guests as well as help us with the running of our Bronze club where our guests will party before & after the show.
for more info & a look at the show's website, just copy & paste the following URL.
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A New Company. A Whole New Future

Mason Entertainment Management,
is a new company owned & run by Donna Mason.
the company are offering an artist management service & have a passion to be the best.
the team & affiliates from both Britain & the States, aim to offer their clients the opportunity to pursue their
careers knowing that they are in safe, knowledgeable & highly experienced hands.
drawing on her almost 30 years in the entertainments industry working both behind & in front of the cameras, along with working for many years in theatre, she recently created & launched the company in the north London area.
the still small but professional business, has already seen popular interest from many of the countries music artists & the company looks to continue growing from strength to strength.
for more information, please go to the following URL.

the site is live

hay to all or anybody reading this.
well i finally did it, i built the site for the writers of fan fiction
it's now live & i have made it a blog/ forum site so that we can all have a place to chat & read some great fan fiction

please go to the following URL

please take a look at this young lady's site

Welcome to Summer Dean Photography.
This young lady is kind of my adopted daughter, ( not officially. )
She's only 16, 17 this month, but has already become well known for her talent as a photographer.
She's also my wonderful DOP ( Director of photography ), when I have a project for the production company to get their teeth in to.
She has a very keen eye for the tiniest details & above all she's one of the most precious people I know.
I love her like a daughter & so I'm giving her that extra little push to get better known for her excellent talents behind the camera. She's pretty good in front of one too!

Free website -

Another website name change

Well it looks like I am the victim of a mix up & I have again had to change my site title due to somebody else already having the same company name,here in England.
So we are now & forever going to be known as

The new look site, along with my own personal site & that of my brother, are shown below.
I promise that apart from the usual & necessary occasional editing, none of our sites will be changing again for a very long time.

heres the URL
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New Sites

Hi again after my being away for a while because I've been a bit run off my feet.
Well, I've been working hard on building new versions of my two main sites & then being the loving & duty full kid sister stroke new manager, I have also been working on the brand new site for my elder brother who just happens to be a rather good & extremely talented DJ.
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fan fiction is it good or not so good?

This is something that I've been kind of wondering about for a little while now.
I mean to start with, where do you unknowingly cross the line of Copyright?
I enjoy writing fan fiction & personally I can't see the problem with it other than it can be obviously quite limiting in a way because as a writer you want to be able to let your story flow through your fingertips, from your imagination down to the paper or your computer.
But if you ever want your piece of work to be viewed by others then you can only do so much to your story because the origional storyline & character archs don't belong to you.
Isn't it such a shame that the copyright owners in the Hollywoodsy industry, that never seams to stop glimmering in to the eyes of espiring screenwriters like myself, won't for just one month a year, withdraw their rights so that we can posotively let our creativity flow freely & you never know, if they di allow something like that to happen, the movie industry could very possibly find a whole new tribe of new & extremly talented writers in their midst who like myself don't have the money to just go to film school so that they can finally graduate with a diploma stating that they are officially a screen writer. 

How the company got started

To be honest, I've wanted to start making movies, for years now.
So when I recieved an e mail from Juliet Landau on Facebook, we got chatting about how I was thinking of going to film school.
After about three weeks of this same conversation going on through numerous messeges, I saw a banner hanging from the local community college, shouting about enrolment. So I went, sat with a really nice guy for an hour & talked about what courses they we're offering to adults,
A week or so later I was sat in amongst a class of 16 year olds who made me feel very old as I'm the age of their moms.
Anyhow, at first everything seamed to be going really great & I found myself remembering the routine of pre production that somehow had been able to escape my very full memory & within a couple of weeks I was out on location again, but this time I was in the driving seat so to speak & stood behind the camera with a copy of my story board tucked in to a folder & my shot list gripped tightly in my right hand.
It was a bit strange at first because I'm used to being the person infront of the cameras who like thousands of others, frequently finds themselves sat with a script in hand in a not so quiet place, trying to read lines & remind myself of what I'm meant to be saying next, so having to pay more attention to the stage directions for once, actually turned out to be fun!
I've done theatre mostly with tv & film work thrown in for good measure but although a few things are a little different, the general process of direction is about the same.
Getting back to the course I was on though, after a few months & a whole lot of academia that bored me due to the fact that I have been a writer for years now so I really didn't enjoy being shown how to do that again & the fact that by now, the idiots on the course who had at 16, realized that they were not going to be automatically transformed in to babe pulling movie stars, had become trully anoying to me as a mature student & they thought that acting like stupid imature fools on set & in class instead of going in to school of a morning with a mature & professional view, they served to help me no more than they did to frustrait me.
I am extremly perticular about being professional regarding my work so I took the matter to my tutors thinking that they would be able to deal with the issues at hand, only to be told that seeing as the Government had payed for each & every one of my class to do the course & they already had that money, it really didn't matter to them if the kids just didn't want to learn. Finding that this was the general atitude, I kept myself to myself which for a short while did work untill I needed a cast. So I asked again only to be told that it wasn't their fault if I didn't have any friends here who I could call on to help & that maybe I should have thought about getting a few of my little celebritie mates to give me a hand on their day off.
As you can imagine, I was discusted with their atitude & after voicing my opinions through an official complaint to the head of the faculty, I quite the corse seeing as I couldn't do my next asignment anyway due to the fact that the breif for it had specified a number of cast which I couldn't get.
I trully couldn't believe the bare faced rudeness of a group of people who are now calling themselves tutors after working in the entertainments industry for years, yes I do have celeb friends because acting was my first ever job back when I was 8 & I've been working in the industry ever since so if I didn't know a few celebs by now then there would be something up there.
Anyway, I chatted to Juliet about it all & then decided to suck it up & carry on regardless. I searched the google results for online film courses & found a few that you could do for free & just submit your work online. I had been able to make a couple of young friends at the college though & together we decided to create a small film production company because I have the experience in the industry doing numerous roles from cast to writer & producer, stage manager. They also had great talents in the form of editing & interactive design media. So now a few months down the line & a new year flying by, we have Studio 81 Productions, a fully live website complete with industry links to friends sites & I'm frantically writing away to create a screenplay that if all goes well with time management & health, should be ready & in script form by the end of the year for production in the spring of 2010.
There's another project that's nagging at my mind. I'm currently preverbially dangling it infront of a friend to see if he fancies having a crack at it & working on it with me as my co writer seeing as he dabbles in a bit of screen writing himself, so who knows? If his own professional schedule allows, he may just say yes.

If you want to find out more about the production company & our current productions, then please follow the link thats been listed.
Thanks & have a good one.