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10 November
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As I've said before, I'm a writer & I've been working in the entertainments industry for almost 30 years. I started acting at just 8 years old & started at theatre school not long after. My late father was an actor & musician all of his life & was a great influence on me to the point of my following in his steps very closely. He trained me vocally & I'm happy to say that even though he's now been passed 4 years, I can still sometimes feel him with me when he steps out of my memories & gently places a loving guarding hand on my shoulder, giving me the little boost of added strength I need to go on for another day without him being there to hug me when the world starts to get just a bit too big for it's boots.
I'm blessed now, to have a small but supportive & very loving group of true friends. They all know who they are so for privacy sake I won't mention their names but we're all there for each other & now matter how long it may be between seeing one & other, when we do meet again, we're as tight as ever & never need to question the ability or the lengths that out individual supply of unconditional love may go to. To me, my friends are my family & I'll never allow anything to come between us since I lost my wonderful Father. I run a small film production company heading up a crew of wonderfully talented film students along with my Mom & elder Brother. We produce short mostly but things are due to change in the new year & then we'll be able to crack bigger productions after & push the company & ourselves up a few gears.